Zufanek Distillery, limited edition — From Orchard to Art

Zufanek Distillery, limited edition — From Orchard to Art image


  • Art Direction: Radek Dostal
    3D Artwork: Matous Marek
    Project Management (agency):
    Tomas Nedved
    Project Management (client): Martin Zufanek


The Zufanek Distillery, established in 2000 and nestled in the White Carpathians of the Czech Republic, is renowned for its organic and sustainable production of fine spirits. With a commitment to traditional methods and environmental responsibility, the distillery manages its own orchards, growing fruits without pesticides or artificial fertilizers. Known for their fruit brandies, absinthes, and gins, they sought to launch a limited edition of Oskerusovice, a rare spirit distilled from the fruit of the Sorbus domestica tree.


The Sorbus domestica tree, known for its longevity and rarity, yields fruits that are challenging to cultivate and harvest. The distillation process for Oskerusovice is intricate, with each fruit needing multiple selections by touch to ensure ripeness for fermentation. This rarity and complexity necessitated a unique approach to packaging design.


We focused on capturing the essence of Oskerusovice’s creation story. The design didn’t centre around a single motif but rather embraced a narrative approach. It also aimed to pay homage to the legacy of Mr. Zufanek, the patriarch behind the brandy, and to the intricate process of Oskerusovice production.


“The packaging featured a collage of hand-drawn elements, each representing a step in the distillation process, from the peculiar growth of the fruit to its final transformation into a spirit.”
– Tom Nedved, project manager


This storytelling approach was pivotal in creating a connection between the consumer and the unique journey of the Oskerusovice.


The final design was a limited edition of 270 bottles, each encapsulating the spirit’s unique story. The packaging resonated with consumers, not just as a product but as a narrative of tradition, craftsmanship, and the intricate dance of nature and human ingenuity. The limited run of Oskerusovice became a collector’s item, appreciated not only for its rare taste but also for the story told through its design.


“Great work!”
Martin Zufanek, owner

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