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No longer little but equally great

Fact — we've grown both geographically and in size and have harvested some of the globally most sought-after creative accolades. But the ethos of being little but great remains deeply rooted in our DNA.

Driven equally by logic and heart, in 2016 we set up in London, one the world's greatest cities, to further accelerate our growth. Now a company with global reach, we cater for clients of all sizes, while we stay true to our roots as little but greatly effective. We also cover German-speaking markets from Munich, Germany; and the USA from New York. At the same time we remain in close contact with our clientele in Prague and Zlin, where Little Greta originates.

Besides providing a complete design and marketing communication service, through our sister company VRCOT we specialise in innovative technologies such as AR and VR.

We partner with our alma mater, the Faculty of Multimedia Communication in Zlin, one of Europe's most creative academic institutions, where we regularly offer work experience to some of the brightest students.

Competitions are for horses, not artists… but we’re still proud of our awards
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Our people …

Portrait of Jan
Jan Managing partner
Portrait of Tom
Tom Account director, partner
Portrait of Graeme
Graeme Partner, UK
Portrait of Owen
Owen Business Consultant
Portrait of Harrisen
Harrisen Partner & EVP Strategic Development
Portrait of Lou
Lou Head of North American office
Portrait of Petra
Petra Accountant
Portrait of Nikola
Nikola Account manager, LGF&B
Portrait of Michaela
Michaela Account manager
Portrait of Hana
Hana Business consultant
Portrait of Čestmír
Čestmír Strategy
Portrait of Matus
Matus PPC & SEO specialist
Portrait of Ondrej
Ondrej LG Dev
Portrait of Jan
Jan Developer, coder
Portrait of Jakub
Jakub Developer, coder
Portrait of Tereza
Tereza Social media specialist
Portrait of Petr
Petr Social media specialist
Portrait of Mateusz
Mateusz Art director
Portrait of Pawel
Pawel Art director
Portrait of Radoslav
Radoslav Designer, illustrator
Portrait of Jan
Jan Designer, illustrator
Portrait of Christian
Christian Designer
Portrait of Juraj
Juraj Designer
Portrait of Julius
Julius Photographer
Portrait of Radim
Radim Multimedia and film
Portrait of Jan
Jan Multimedia and film
Portrait of Steve
Steve Copywriter, SEO specialist
Portrait of Barbora
Barbora Animator, illustrator
Portrait of Jakub
Jakub Animator, illustrator

… and their thoughts

Over the past 5 years, we’ve worked with over 20 food and beverage brands in the Czech Republic and beyond. For our creative work, we've scooped thirteen design and creative awards, including most recently our second Red Dot Award. We have now put some of…

1 week ago

1944 – First #Margot #chocolate bar was born 1960 – Start of production in #Zora #Olomouc 1980 – Margot changes its #packaging to what's now its typical blue colour 2000 – Margot is the best-selling bar on the Czech(o)-Slovak market 2019 – We participated in…

3 weeks ago

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