Pardubice Brewery — Unveiling a fresh, modern look with a complete range redesign

Pardubice Brewery — Unveiling a fresh, modern look with a complete range redesign image


  • Strategy: Jan Blazek
    Creative Direction: Tomas Nedved
    Art Direction: Radek Dostal, Paweł Ratajczyk, Mateusz Słowakiewicz, Anna Belousova
    Project Management (agency): Nikola Timkovicova
    Project Management (client): Lucie Srbova, Jana Dobruska, Petra Chovancova


The Primator Brewery is a Czech brewery founded in 1872. It has been producing a variety of traditional Czech beers using high-quality, handcrafted methods and the finest ingredients. The brewery is particularly well-known for its Porter, a dark and robust beer made with a blend of malt and hops. In addition to the Porter, the brewery’s range of beers includes several different styles, including lagers, pilsners, and wheat beers.


The brewery has received numerous awards, including a gold medal at the World Beer Cup.


Our agency was commissioned to redesign the complete range of beers.


First, the agency redesigned the central visual motif of a horse, which is significant for the brewery due to its location in Pardubice, a city known for one of the most prestigious horse races in Europe. Redesigning this motif was no easy feat, as it played a crucial role in redesigning the brewery’s range of beers. The redesigned horse motif provided a strong visual identity and carried through to all branding and packaging materials.


The new logo, featuring the redesigned horse motif, added to the updated and modern look of the brewery’s products, appealing to beer drinkers locally and beyond. Each beer in the range had its distinct history and name, so we approached each individually. Four art directors brought their diverse perspectives to the redesign process, allowing us to explore various options in search of the perfect design for each product.


Ultimately, all designs were presented to a focus group, with the final shortlist chosen based on the general public’s opinions. This collaborative approach ensured that the redesign accurately reflected the tastes and preferences of beer drinkers.


After an extended redesign process that took several months, the brewery’s range of beers was completely transformed. Each beer in the range had its own unique character, but all of the individual products maintained a cohesive look and reflected the DNA of the brewery.

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