Marketa Irglova — Music video for the Oscar-winning artist

Marketa Irglova — Music video for the Oscar-winning artist image


  • Written by: Marketa Irglova
    Produced by: Sturla Mio Thorisson
    Starring: Marketa Irglova, Alejandra Jara, Yannier Oviedo
    Camera: Radim Vanous
    Camera Assistant: Petr Pololanik
    Colorist, editor: Filip Hostynek
    Make-up Artist: Leona Ondruskova
    Project Management: Nikola Timkovicova


Following our previous cooperation, the Oscar-winning artist Marketa Irglova approached the agency to produce her new music video.


“The Season” is the second single from Marketa’s album titled Lila. The video was shot in the UNESCO-protected Archbishop’s Chateau and Gardens in Kromeriz, Czech Republic, where Amadeus, a Milos Forman movie about Mozart, was filmed. It is a place not far from Markéta’s hometown and is, therefore, somewhat of a return to her home ground and roots.


The song is inspired by Markéta’s classical piano training, as well as the recent Netflix series called Bridgerton, a re-imagined period drama series from a time filled with letters, ballrooms, conversation, and promenades, daydreaming about love and freedom, imagining all that could be while constricted by rules, society’s expectations, and family obligations.


The collaboration on the music video for “The Season” was a pleasant experience for both the agency and the artist. A safe and encouraging space was established throughout the project, allowing for open communication and the exchange of creative ideas. The artist felt that her vision was received and embraced with enthusiasm, leading to efforts to build upon and expand upon those ideas. This collaborative approach utilised everyone’s shared wealth of experience and skill, creating a harmonious and engaging creative process.


“Working with Little Greta has been a very rewarding process yielding excellent results. Little Greta is home to talented, driven individuals who make a truly great team, pleasant to work with on a professional and personal level. I certainly look forward to finding more opportunities and projects to work on together in the future.”
Marketa Irglova

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