Kolowrat Cider — Creating award-winning packaging for a Czech noble family

Kolowrat Cider — Creating award-winning packaging for a Czech noble family image


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    Project Management


The House of Kolowrat is a Czech noble family, prominent in the history and administration of their native Kingdom of Bohemia as well as the Holy Roman Empire. The family commissioned Little Greta with a new design for their key product, cider.


The initial research included a deeper look into the life of the noble family itself. The objective was a search for visual reference points across the history of the family that would define the visual identity of the family as a manufacturer.   The design was inspired and built around Count Alexander “Sascha” Joseph von Kolowrat-Krakowsky. One of the family’s most significant descendants, our research found he was an Austrian cinema pioneer, keen racer, and great fun to be around.


“This motivated us to use his race car and shamrock (a good luck charm) as supporting visual elements. A witty touch of elegance relating to the First Czechoslovak Republic and avant-garde art, both occurring during Sascha’s life, were added to the visual mix.”
– Radek Dostal, Art Director

The period photographs served as a basis for the portrait of Count Sascha, which has been digitally processed in a painting style corresponding to the classical works of famous painters.


While interacting with the product, the customer engages in a constant visual dialogue with the affable character of Count Sascha. This gives the product a touch of humanity, transforming the experience, and differentiating it in the segment from others which communicate basic information.

“Maximilian Kolowrat-Krakowsky and I were putting together the brief for the new cider and soda labels. We agreed that we wanted to entrust this project to someone really good, in fact, the best in the industry. I'm delighted we agreed on LG, and right after the initial session, it was clear: professional approach and top creativity, that's LG.”
Filip Slouka

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