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  • Concept: Jan Blazek
    Art Direction: Radek Dostal
    Project Management (agency): Nikola Timkovicova
    Project Management (client): Jan Tvrdon

Challenge is a unique independent fact-checking platform in the Czech Republic that aims to cultivate public debate, especially by verifying the factual claims of the political elite.

The initiative’s activity primarily consists of pointing out false and manipulative statements that distort the public space. In its analyses, the project exclusively evaluates politicians’ factual statements, which it subjects to scrutiny by tracing primary sources of information.


“For five years, we struggled with how to get our unique content to the voters. We didn’t do it badly, but it was somewhat haphazard. So we teamed up with Little Greta to create a new visual identity.”
– Jan Tvrdon, founder


The client’s main requirement was to unify and make the visual communication of Demagog.CZ more attractive while also setting the communication style on social networks and maintaining the maximum level of seriousness. The change in the visual identity has also affected the sister project DemagogTV.


“The motif of the redesigned logo is the head of a talking politician. At the same time, it is a pie chart, which is often used to verify the statements of politicians. At our design agency, we believe that the simplest logos tell the strongest stories – and can be rolled out in a versatile way.”
– Radek Dostal, art director


We are often and gladly involved in non-profit projects. In this case, we helped fight misinformation and alternative facts, which we find extremely meaningful nowadays.


The initial project in 2018 was followed by another collaboration in 2022, during which we further developed and acculturated the visual identity. In addition, we also redesigned the website and helped set up guidelines for social media communication.


“What we are most pleased about is that the agency approached us on its own and implemented the project for free as part of its civic engagement.”
Jan Tvrdon, founder

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