Sense vs. Sensibility in AR and 360° video

Sense vs. Sensibility in AR and 360° video image


  • Conceptualisation

    Architectural design & structural building

    Furniture design

    Art direction

    Graphic design, DTP

    Project management

    Immersive technologies (AR, 360° immersive video)

    Mobile app



The exhibition Sense versus Sensibility: Zlín Industrial Design 1918–1958 was part of an extensive joint project organized by the Faculty of Multimedia Communications of Tomas Bata University in Zlín, Czech. Rep., the National Technical Museum Prague, Czech Rep. and the Gallery of Fine Arts in Zlín, Czech Rep. mapping design in technical disciplines during the existence of Czechoslovakia. The dominant axis of the exhibition was the history of the School of Arts in Zlín. The goal was to explain the somewhat sophisticated topic of product design and its historical origins to broad audiences.


A team comprising ten people worked for three months to deliver every aspect of this exhibition, from the initial creative concept through architectural and furniture design to producing all printed materials. It was clear from the beginning that the topic could be best explained by implementing immersive technologies such as augmented reality and 360° immersive video, something our sister agency VRCOT was able to help with.


We combined these innovative elements with interactive games and 3D printing as well as with more traditional, analogue elements. This provided a perfectly balanced mix that made it easier for diverse audiences, including the elderly as well as elementary school students, to understand this complex topic in a fun and engaging way.


This was our first such large exhibition and also the first project where we worked alongside our sister company VRCOT. And the fact it was a success is demonstrated not only through the positive feedback from many visitors and the client but also by scooping two Top Rated accolades (Best Catalogue & Innovative Use of Technologies) at Golden Semicolon 2020.


“Industrial design is not an easy topic. Thanks to the new technologies that Little Greta mastered brilliantly, the visitors got to know the subject better.”
Vít Jakubíček, curator

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