Amarico — Sip the Italian Dolce Vita

Amarico — Sip the Italian Dolce Vita image


  • Strategy: Tomas Nedved

    Art Direction: Radek Dostal

    Illustration, lettering: Radek Dostal

    Project Management (agency): Nikola Timkovicova

    Project Management (client): Emanuele Genovese

    Photography: Julius Filip


The brief from this Italian client was to create a new logo and packaging to reflect Amarico’s elegant essence, vibrant character and Italian roots. Challenges lay in positioning this prestigious alcohol-based brand within the modern consumer concept of aperitif. Further challenges were around illustrating naturally sourced ingredients, while appealing to the audience’s timeless desire to experience “La Dolce Vita”.


A somewhat broad brief provided a lot of space for creativity. Therefore, we decided to develop the design around the product’s key qualities. In particular, the beverage’s aromatic, creamy and Italian style, with citrusy notes of bitter orange and lemon, fresh and crispy with a harmonious aftertaste. We explored the brand’s roots, symbiosis with “La Dolce Vita/The Sweet Life” that pervades Italian culture, and devotion to ancient production methods.


We also looked at the aperitif tradition, with Italians (and some other European cultures) encouraged to imbibe in readiness for the delicious food to follow, often enjoyed in a social context with friends and family. While conceptualising materials, we contemplated the product’s lightness in taste and aromatic natural ingredients. That’s why we chose a similarly ethereal medium – digital crayons. Individual herbs became part of a decorative art-inspired mirror composition. These depicted botanical motifs and ingredients such as gentian, rhubarb, artemisia absinthium, cinchona calisaya, sweet orange and lemon peel. Meanwhile, many texts led to us creating one label with gilded outlines, joined logos and highlighted parts of the text (where new fonts were created).


Another great product with global aspirations for us to work on. With it being in the packaging realm, this further strengthens our F&B brand portfolio. We believe in the design very much, and intend in 2021 to submit it to some of the world’s most prestigious design competitions.

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