Vest Kids — replacing the famous Bob the Builder brand with a new character: Sylvester

Vest Kids — replacing the famous Bob the Builder brand with a new character: Sylvester image


  • Conceptualisation
    Graphic design


Our client decided to replace the licensed and expensive Bob the Builder packaging of their flagship product for children (salt-free sticks with added fibre). We were asked to create a new character and design and build an accompanying microsite.


We immediately identified the need to make the new character as engaging as possible. We developed richly coloured and interactive packaging, bearing three playful faces of the new mascot. After eating the product, the empty packet can fit on a hand, to be used as a puppet, encouraging interaction and engagement with the brand. This concept of “performance” was then conveyed through the microsite, which was designed in the style of a theatre.


We launched in January 2015, and plan to add interactive elements to the microsite, such as enabling customers to upload and share videos of their puppetry, and a feature for configuring characters’ faces and colours. We’re also planning other innovative cross-promotion and sampling activities.


“"We commissioned Little Greta with the development of a new packaging. It was for our flagship product for children, salt-free sticks with added fibre, and so the agency's playful creativity was much needed. Thanks to their professional approach we've managed to find a balance between our business requirements and their concept."”
Hana Skokankova, Marketing Director

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