Tetley — the world’s second largest manufacturer and distributor of tea

Tetley — the world’s second largest manufacturer and distributor of tea image


  • Graphic design
    Web design


First ever project with our partner agency Gravitas London: microsite Tea Experts for Tetley. As British as it gets! The objective was to increase engagement between Tetley and its smaller corporate customers (convenience stores, franchises) through a Tetley B2B microsite.


Recognising the need to build strong Tetley-vendor relationships, our proposed microsite highlighted the benefits of stocking a Tetley range, as well as presenting audiences with an interactive digital education of the tea market.


This was the first of many partnership projects with Gravitas London and while the client never ran with the project in the end, we are proud to offer you our take on the brief!


“"I can thoroughly recommend the team. After our first project with Tetley we regularly work across many mediums including website and microsite design and build, video and even games. They have never let me down even when working to very tight deadlines, and are thoroughly professional and good humoured whatever I seem to throw at them!"”
George Foster, owner, Gravitas London

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