Live in Zlin — Fighting the depopulation of the region where we were founded

Live in Zlin — Fighting the depopulation of the region where we were founded image


  • Strategy: Zuzana Behova, Jan Blazek

    Creative Direction: Tomas Nedved, Jan Blazek

    Art Direction: Eva Siskova

    Typography: James Edmondson (OH no Type Co.)

    Project Management (agency): Nikola Brezinova

    Project Management (client): Martina Betakova, Dusan Sviecka

    Copywriting: Miroslav Zelinsky

    Webdesign: Eva Siskova

    Web Development: Dan Pohuba

    Motion Design: Radek Dostal

    Social Media: Lukas Koutny

    Director: Radim Vanous

    Cameraman: Igor Larionov

    Editor: Alexei Kasatonov

    Sound Engineer: Lukas Pesek

    Colour Grading: Filip Hostynek

    Production: Nikola Brezinova

    Actress: Lucie Rybnikarova


Zlin Region, an administrative unit in the easternmost part of the Czech Republic, has been depopulating for many years. The local Technological Innovation Centre decided to counter this unfavourable trend. Therefore, a pitch was organised to create a communication campaign “Live in Zlin” (“LiZ” in short), to communicate positive aspects of the quality of life there. The campaign targeted the residents of the Zlin Region but also other inhabitants of the adjacent regions (Olomouc, South Moravia, Moravian-Silesian and Trencin Regions) of an economically active age (approximately 20-60 years).


The means of the campaign were a website with analytical data, ten videos focusing on the ten advantages of living in the Zlin Region, and promotion on social networks – all wrapped in a recognisable visual identity.


Little Greta won the pitch.


In developing the strategic concept of the LiZ campaign, we analysed many different sources related to the quality of life in the Zlin Region. In addition to our research and in-depth interviews, the client provided various statistics.


Having recently implemented the new visual identity of the Zlin Region, we logically strived for ideological and visual continuity to strengthen the campaign’s impact. Once again, we played with the semiotics of the square. Although this time we didn’t refer to overgrowing its boundaries but rather to the region’s centrality as a good place to live. We also used an identical font, Degular. To freshen things up, though, we worked with a palette of pastel colours instead of the black and yellow duo defining the Zlin Region.


While stats and in-depth interviews were a good starting point, it was evident that if the campaign was to be successful, we couldn’t do it purely through dry-and-dull figures and facts. When creating the videos (which we knew would be a critical component of the campaign), we considered engaging storytelling using emotions to be an essential component. We conceived the videos as a kind of carefree summer road trip through the region. We visited towns, villages and landmarks, and tasted local specialties. Plus, along the way, we met (and shot with) a number of inspiring personalities and ambassadors of the various benefits of living in the region. Each of ten videos communicated a separate benefit, such as safety, entrepreneurship, and a clean environment. The protagonist was the actress of the Zlin Theatre, Lucie Rybnikarova.


The videos, sponsored through multiple campaigns on social media where we had 20.000 click-throughs and 3 million impressions in 5 weeks, led the viewer to the website. Here they could learn about the ten benefits of living in the Zlin Region through a series of graphs. This way they would get to know the region in more detail – and decide for themselves whether Zlin Region was the place.


It’s clear that in the process of halting the unfortunate trend of depopulation in the region, the campaign was only the first step. It’s crucial that it’s followed up by further communication in years to come, and for future regional political leadership to continue supporting the LiZ initiative.

“An expert committee selected the agency based on the best quality offer. We also appreciated the agency's prompt communication and responsiveness to our ongoing requests.”
Martina Betakova, Project Manager, TIC

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