Bezdinek Farm — Building the brand of the state-of-the-art production greenhouse

Bezdinek Farm — Building the brand of the state-of-the-art production greenhouse image


  • Conceptualisation

    Visual Identity



    Web Design & Build

    Social Media (Content & Campaigns)

    Video & Photography

    Interior Design

    Mobile App

    Augmented Reality


NWT Group is one of Central Europe’s most innovative tech companies. With offices in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, England, and Cyprus, they employ more than 400 people in agriculture, construction, information technology, and energy conservation. Their mission: To help Czechs eat the best-tasting locally grown vegetables, all year round. Just one thing: The Czech Republic ranks second-last in Europe for vegetable production per capita. Solving this challenge calls for magic in the form of NWT’s state-of-the-art production greenhouse. Bezdinek Farm is the largest such facility in the Czech Republic, producing the tastiest tomatoes and cucumbers using organic substrates, watering them primarily with rainwater, and only using biological means to protect them from pests.


The client called us to deliver a full remit of design and communication activities for Bezdinek Farm. For starters, we introduced a playful visual identity and packaging. This was based on illustrations depicting various whimsical vegetable characters — sporty Tomighty, sweet Honeymato, cocky Fuzzymato, little Cucumbi and Mr Cucumber. These found their way to the new website and social media channels. That’s where we delivered content and campaign material, plus visual assets such as video and photography. One of the crucial outputs was the interior of the farm’s Visitor Centre. Here, in addition to the spatial layout and minimalistic furnishing, we sought to create an experience worth sharing, making visitors connect with the brand and remember the great experience they had while visiting with families and friends. This is where our sister company VRCØT stepped in, delivering a mobile app with an augmented reality element, through which the vegetable characters came to life.


We worked on the account for two years before handing it over to the in-house team. We were involved in a wide array of activities, and were able to help launch one of the most progressive and sustainable brands in Central Europe’s fresh vegetable industry.

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