Znojmo Town Brewery — loving microbreweries as much as we do, beer design was one of the most fun projects we could work on

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Brand creation
Graphic design


Design labels for a Czech craft brewery’s new range of beers. And, to make it extra challenging, introduce a new brand of beer to Znojmo, a region inherently tied to winemaking. We were one of five agencies pitching.


The first stage was brainstorming new brand names. Znojmo is famous for its rich history and heritage, and is where Prokop Diviš invented the world’s first grounded lightning rod. Given the “beer-like” sound and feeling of the inventor’s name, we proposed “Divisch”. To us, “I’ll have two pints of Divisch” worked and sounded just great! In the end, and much to our frustration, the client decided on a rather generic name: “Zetko”.

This meant our visual approaches had to exclude the strong storytelling possibilities relating to the character of Prokop Diviš. Instead, they centred on some of Znojmo’s most spectacular features. These included the city’s ancient architecture, its coat of arms, notions of patriotism and craftsmanship, while using city-specific colours. In one approach we projected the brand as “the beer lighthouse in the sea of wine”.


The client praised our innovative and youthful approach, and said they’d like to work with us on a future project. However, for this project, the client felt they needed something “very traditional”. We were one of five agencies pitching, so we are proud to offer you our take on the brief.

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