Bzenia Winery 2013 — design of a new vintage for a family operated and owned luxury winery producing organic wines

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Situated in the centre of the Moravian Slovakia region of the Czech Republic where nature is pure and tranquil, Bzenec is famous for local wine growing tradition stretching back to the past. Our local wine client, Bzenia, invited us to help with the process of designing a new label for their 2012 vintage organic wine.


To be able to delve into the project we employed our taste buds and spent quite a bit of time exploring the vineyards and adjacent wine cellars, tasting wine sample galore. As part of our initial research we collected extensive examples of wine labels from around the world, enabling us to get fully up to speed with the recent trends in wine-oriented graphic design.


Our designers came up with a visually simple and typography-based, yet rather unconventional approach in which vertical orientation of the label makes it easier to read the label when the bottle is stored on its side. Surprisingly enough very few wineries respect the fact that if bottles are stored upright for a long amount of time, the corks will dry out, and air will eventually get to the wine, spoiling it.

We certainly look forward to working with Little Greta again this year and while expanding the scope of work look into creating new visual identity of our company including logo and company's corporate design manual and stationary while also moving into the digital and multimedia realm.
Aleš Maleňák, owner
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