New visual identity for The National Library of the Czech Republic

New visual identity for The National Library of the Czech Republic image


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    Brand design
    Graphic design
    Image Retouching


In 1994, it was impossible for Czech people to escape the smash hit from Argema, a Smokie-style band (remember Smokie? Of “Livin’ Next Door To Alice” fame). With hurdy-gurdy music and cheesy lyrics, “Jarosov Brewery” made the eponymous brewery famous throughout the country. However, musical success wasn’t enough to save Jarosov. Financial pressures forced its closure, at the dawn of the new millennium. In 2016, backed by a new investor, Jarosov returned. Focusing on a craft beer niche. And seeking a new visual identity…


We’re craft beer fans, so it tasted great to win the pitch! For the visual language, we drew inspiration from botany, folkloric architecture and traditional folklore. These are symbols of Moravian Slovakia, the brewery’s location, where folk traditions are alive and well. The cockerel motif represents resurrection — embodying the brewery’s return to life.


The new identity is being applied across many channels. This includes, most eye-catchingly, the brewery’s façade. We can’t wait to continue work on this account (and taste free samples, of course!).


“Nová koncepce brandu TIC nám učarovala svým kreativním přístupem. Je zajímavý, zábavný a jasně identifikovatelný. Precizní grafické zpracování všech aplikací pak jen podtrhuje celkový skvělý dojem. Výborně se s ním pracuje, klientům se líbí a tak to má být. Tak dík za TIC!”
Dušan Sviečka

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