Liberec — discovering the local genius loci and creating a brand new visual identity for the North-Bohemian town of Liberec, Czech Rep.

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Corporate design


The main goal of the pitch was to incorporate Liberec’s landscape, its residents, and rich history with promising and modern future. We were asked to develop 3 different concepts for a logo and to create some promotional materials.


The logo concepts needed to preserve the city’s historic elements. These ranged from its ancestors and their distinctive coat of arms, to Liberec’s historic architecture, and the iconic Jested tower. Our genius loci research led to 3 different designs…


The concepts were primarily inspired by the coat of arms and the Ještěd tower. Our primary colours were blue and red, to match the powerful colours of the coat of arms. We designed the symbols in a way that could be easily applied to other materials; to represent any interests that the city wants to promote (eg nature, culture, sports).

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