Bzenia Winery rebranding — how we created a new visual identity and an e-commerce website incorporating augmented reality.

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Brand design
Graphic Design
Web design and build
Social media
Image Retouching
Augmented reality


After successfully completing this project for the client, we were asked to rebrand the winery and produce a new responsive site with an e-shop. The client wanted a more modern look that retained the visually simple and typography-based approach we had introduced previously.


We came up with a concept based on the visual motif of sine curve, an oscillating representation of each bottle’s taste, smell and colour. The curve — resembling both the wine’s surface when twirled in a glass, and a hilly vineyard — was then implemented into the following: the logo, the new website, a promotional video, stationery, and catalogues promoting company’s wine in China. The icing on the cake was the augmented reality feature, which we nicknamed “your personal sommelier”. The customer could, using the augmented reality app Layar, point their smart phone at the label to view a short video showing the winery owner sharing interesting trivia about each bottle’s contents.


The rebranding has been commended by many of the client’s customers and the launch of an e-shop helped our client boost their sales both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

"We're now planning a mobile app enabling us to administer orders made during wine tastings as well as other things, including new packaging and social media. And, again, it will be with Little Greta."
Zdenek Malenak, owner
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